GOT proposal got financed

ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CBHE project GOT – Building Capacity for Online Tuition in Ghana prepared together with Tampere University, Tallinn University, and two universities from Ghana – University of Education, Winneba and University of Cape Coast got funded and will start on January 2023.

The project idea is derived from lessons learned during the pandemic. There is opportunity to change course digital delivery in higher education institutions in Ghana and build sustainable digital learning policy in sub-Saharan Africa. Extraction from the project summary: ….The project will result in the development of an educational research based action plan, which will include the development of the delivery system and training. This will enable the facilitation of digital educational innovation and research at UCC and UEW. The project thus intends to cause a shift towards data-driven and evidence-based methods of providing digital education at UCC and UEW, changing the thinking of researchers, educators and digital solutions providers

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