The SEIS project’s – Scaling Up Educational Innovation in Schools – goal is to significantly strengthen educational innovation research not only in Estonia, but in the Baltic states and in wider Europe by taking educational research and innovation to the next level addressing RRI principles and current dominating limitations in the field. The project will present new perspectives on educational research by turning traditional “knowledge transfer” approaches into research- and technology-driven societal innovations (research-to-innovation-to-practice knowledge transfer), establishing an international virtual Research Lab on educational innovations, facilitating the inclusion and capacity building of the new actors in the field and encouraging exchange of knowledge and experiences among stakeholders and top research groups in the field. 

In particular the SEIS project aims:

  • to strengthen Centre of Excellence in Educational Innovation (CEEI) (Tallinn University (TLU), Estonia) research and innovation capacity
  • to promote the CEEI into the competitive institution in Estonia and wider Europe and
  • to form the basis for integrating its research activities further into international collaboration.

The objectives of the SEIS project will be achieved through a partnership of the two Member States: Tampere Research Centre for Information & Media (TAU), University of Tampere, Finland and Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (UiB), University of Bergen, Norway.

The overall work plan of the project consists of the following seven work packages:

WP1 Co-establishment of a virtual Research Lab

WP2 Strengthening research capacities of TLU on methodologies and conceptual frameworks

WP3 Strengthening TLU’s know-how on university-school-industry partnerships and implementation methodologies

WP4 Promoting involvement of early stage international researchers

WP5 Boosting the visibility of TLU’s scientific excellence

WP6 Project and consortium management

WP7 Ethics requirements