Workshop at Nordic LASI 2021

Nordic Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2021 workshop was organized by SEIS project. The title of the workshop was „Ideal Virtual Research Lab for Learning Analytics“ (workshop was organized by one SEIS partner, Tampere University). Since the conference program was shortened and everything was online the workshop happened also online and lasted for one hour. There were 16-20 participants. At first professor Jussi Okkonen introduced the SEIS project, the idea and many possible definitions for the ideal virtual research lab. The presentation was followed by group discussions.  The goal was to collect ideas, what the colleagues from around the world think the ideal virtual research lab for learning analytics would be for them, what would be the most necessary components? Following ideas emerged – the ideal virtual research lab should: 1) enable to cross common boundaries 2) enable to compile project applications for cross-national research funding 3) provide access and easy usability of open access databases 4) be a substitute for the real learning management system 5) be arena for sharing experiences 6) enable capacity building activities, mentoring 7) enable to create multi-disciplinary research groups/projects 8) have tools that enable rapid data visualization. Critical points raised were: data privacy and secure handling of the data. We are planning longer workshop at Nordic LASI 2022, where each of the discussed component would be elaborated and also teacher as a researcher perspective would be included.

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