SEIS project at MEC in Lapland

Iiris Tuvi discussed our new project proposal at MEC in Lapland. On 28 Sept – 1 Oct Media Education Conference (MEC) took place in Lapland and Iiris Tuvi from Tampere University presented the result of our co-operational work on the CHANSE project proposal. The proposal and the talk at conference was titled „The EdTech Observatory: Co-creating and evidencing digital transformation in schools”. Lively discussion that followed the presentation indicated interest and support to the project. There was a researcher in the audience that had lead somewhat similar project in Italy and she supported our goals and hypotheses by bringing out that their project had impact quite similar to what we were aiming for.

A series of research seminars for early stage researchers

The SEIS project team has started a series of research seminars for early stage researchers. The goal of the series is to learn more about the research topics in Tallinn University, provide feedback to early stage researchers and initiate discussions on relevant topics in the field of educational innovation. First presenters were:

Kadri Mettis, who is working on mobile outdoor learning and exploring its impact on student learning and

Edna Milena Sarmiento Marquez, who is working on a framework to guide the evaluation of school-university partnerships.

University – edtech – school cooperation in Estonia

On September 29th 2021, Jussi Okkonen from Tampere University was invited to give a talk “Living labs as vehicle for co-development of edtech” at the final event of the university – edtech-school cooperation programme in Estonia. The goal of the programme was to bring together university researchers, school teachers and edtech companies to co-develop educational technology solutions for schools.