Tallinn University PhD students visiting Bergen University

Pankaj Chejara


Merike Saar

visit Bergen University, SLATE – Center for the Science of Learning and Technology to share their research ideas, extend their research network and learn from the Bergen colleagues. Pankaj’s research focuses on building an automated feedback system to support teachers in tracking and monitoring collaboration behaviour among students. Merike’s research focuses on supporting teachers’ professional development through classroom learning analytics.

PhD students at JTEL summer school

In May 21-28 several PhD students from Tallinn University participated in the The Sixteenth EATEL Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning. The event attracted 129 participants, speakers of 6 keynotes and 45 different workshops for one’s professional development as a researcher in the field of technology-enhanced learning. Furthermore, it is an excellent event for creating and building one’s professional network. The participants have shared their experience: Participating in JTEL Summer School 2022 was particularly useful in networking with young researchers in my field to build synergies between my research and others’ interests; I really enjoyed meeting new people, sharing similar doubts and ideas, and most importantly, building up my network in the TEL community.

Seminar on interaction design

Rosaline Danielle Erica Barendregt from Bergen University gave a presentation about interaction design. In the presentation ‘Introduction to interaction design’ she gave us an overview of what is interaction design and 6 design principles, why we put the user in the center when designing applications and services. Rosaline also introduced her research in the area of eHealth. Definitely an interesting research to follow with very practical value.